Monday, November 06, 2006

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Lets do some test...
Urlacher is out with injury - sprained ligament. He was heard as saying that he might not even miss any games and wld be able to play thru the injuries.

I hope its true. But I would rather he miss some games now than reaggravate the injury and be sidelined for extended time. The road games are important, but not that important. The bears are 7-1 already. Even if they lose the next three games to ny giants, patriots and jets, worst they'll be is 7-4. They have many more games to play and win.

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Read it on Atlanta Falcons message board (SecurityGuy) :

I wish my girlfriend had the same game plan as our coaches...

Just lay down and have your way with me. Thats how we played today...


Chicago Bears - one down (finally)

Well, I have choosen a wonderful day to start my blog (sarcasm). The bears are 7-1, have just lost to Miami (1-7) by 18 points. After winnig couple of close games which they could have lost (cardinals, vikings), they have finally lost a game.

If you want to read the whole story, go here.

The word on the street is, its mostly the fault of Rex Grossman. I don't buy into that argument. Rex has played barely 16 games. He is almost like a Rookie. He has shown flashes of brilliance. He is erratic, sure. But he is still young and has a good head. He will learn how to control his emotions. He has got good fundamentals, good arm, has all the intangibles a QB will ever need. Fans must be kidding when they call for his head. And replace him with who ? The GREAT Brain Griese ? Give me a break !!

Griese is a journeyman folks. He is a journeyman QB for a reason - he is not good ! He may be good enough to win a couple of games, but he is no Rex. Rex is the future of the bears team. If he stays healthy, Rex is going to be the best Bears QB of all time. Just give him some time, lets win some games under his leadership. Mark my words, he will be much better next year.

Moving on from Rex...I feel this lose is a good thing in a way. The players were very complacent..They felt invincible..But in NFL, no team that feels invisible is invincible..Only a team that is hungry always, that takes each games ass uper bowl can remain invincible. As bad as I felt yday evening, I hope this game teaches our players to be humble. Hope it teaches Lovie something, so that we dont get washed in the playoffs like our last two trips.

Giants, here comes the bears, the giant killers.